Do you have trouble lying on your side? Does it take a few steps to get going after sitting for a long time? Do you have deep aching pain in your hip joint especially at night?

Like most areas of your body, hip pain can manifest in many different ways. Osteoarthritis is quite common in hips resulting in stiffness and deep sometimes unrelenting pain. Over 44,000 hip joint replacements are performed in Australia each year. Osteopaths can help the mobility in your joint and to decrease tension in other structures around your hip to ease pressure on the joint. This may just prolong the life of your hip. Acupuncturists will also aim to treat the underlying reasons for your hip pain using gentle needling techniques and Chinese herbal medicine.

Other conditions in the hip such as bursitis or tight hip flexors can also be helped by decreasing muscle tension and addressing postural concerns which may be helping to maintain these conditions. By addressing concerns around your hip, you may also help to diminish the possibility of lower back and knee pain that could result from limping on a sore hip.