Osteopathy is a manual therapy system of health care. It recognises the link between the structure of your body and how it functions. Osteopathy is about the connections between different parts of your body and also about helping your body to maintain and heal itself.

We all have an innate ability to heal. Just think about how a small cut in your skin gradually stops bleeding and comes together over a few days. All the tissues in your body have these same healing and maintaining qualities. The role of your osteopath is to help these innate qualities work to their full capacity so you can achieve some balance in your whole system. They do this with soft tissue, massage type techniques and stretching to help muscles and fascia relax, ligaments release and manipulation to help joints move more freely and other gentle mobilising techniques to help lymphatic and blood flow and nerve supply.

The musculoskeletal system is the avenue for osteopaths to apply the concept that structure and function are inter-related. For example, stiffness and tension in your neck can result in tension or neck referred headaches. By treating the structures in your neck, for example the muscles and joints, osteopaths may help with the relief of those headaches.

Your osteopath should be looking to find the heath in you, to be figuring out how to get you back to the innately healthy human being that you were born to be.