Can you feel your fingers? Are you finding it hard to hold on to a cup or a pen? These symptoms may be signs of carpal tunnel syndrome or they may also be signs of thoracic outlet syndrome.

Any symptoms you are feeling in your hands (unless you have whacked your thumb with a hammer!) should be assessed to determine if it is coming from somewhere up your arm or even from your neck or upper back. Osteopaths and acupuncturists are all about searching for these connections and the root cause of a problem.

If you do injure your hand osteopaths and acupuncturists treat hands too. RSI (repetitive strain injury), trigger finger, tendinopathies are a few of the things that osteopathy may help with. Osteoarthritis is very common in hands, particularly in elderly women. Osteopaths use safe, gentle techniques aimed at improving mobility and decreasing inflammation. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use a combination of acupuncture and herbs to improve the underlying issues related to arm pain and dysfunction.

Some wrist and hand conditions, particularly tendon injuries, may also extend into your elbow. Spending long hours at a keyboard is a common reason for elbow and wrist pain. Along with hands-on treatment workplace ergonomic changes may help to decrease the likelihood of these conditions continuing.