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Osteo and Health Inner West has been serving the Inner West community for over 30 years. We are team of health professionals committed to helping you and your family achieve your best possible health and well-being.

Beginning with one osteopath, the clinic has gradually grown to include acupuncture and massage therapy alongside osteopathy to help the local community with its health needs.

All our practitioners have extensive training and a wealth of experience, many with over 15 years of working in their chosen field. We have practitioners who focus on the treatment of women’s health concerns including pelvic pain, pregnancy and fertility. We also have practitioners who focus on the treatment of babies and children, or treatment of the elderly and other who like the variety of treating a diverse group of people.

All of us at Osteo and Health Inner West are dedicated to helping each individual we see and we look forward to being able to work with you.

Our Clinic

Our clinic is located in Five Dock, in Sydney’s Inner West. We are in a red brick house close to Great North Road, easily accessible by bus or car.

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Monday: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday: 9am – 6pm
Wednesday: 11am – 7pm
Thursday: 8am – 7:30pm
Friday: 8am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 8am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed


Sam Granger

B.Sc., DRM, B.App.Sc.(Ost.), M.Ost.

Sam has been working in health care for over 20 years and practicing as an osteopath since 2002.

Part of what attracted Sam to osteopathy was the diverse range of techniques an osteopath has available to them to help their patients. She draws on many of these in her treatment including myofascial and soft-tissue techniques, manipulation and more indirect methods such as ligamentous balancing and biodynamics.

Ongoing education is important to Sam to enable her to give her patients the best quality care. She has completed many short courses in osteopathic obstetric care, visceral techniques, tendon injury and biodynamics. Sam also holds a Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition, a Diploma of Remedial Massage and a Bachelor of Science – Health Education along with her osteopathic qualifications.

Sam is a member of Osteopathy Australia and a registered member of APRHA. She is also Workcover certified.

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Dee Taylor

B.Sc. (Hons) OST

Dee trained at the British School of Osteopathy, London, graduating in 2000 with a BSc Honors. She has since worked as an osteopath in the U.K., New Zealand and Sydney. Dee has been part of the team at Osteo and Health Inner West since 2011.

As an osteopath who enjoys the diversity of practice Dee sees people with a wide variety of physical conditions. Dee enjoys exploring, with her patients, the onset and aggravating triggers of their condition. She then treats using a wide variety of techniques aimed at the musculoskeletal system. From soft-tissue and Muscle-Energy technique to gentle manipulation and western medical acupuncture. After her hands-on work, Dee will also discuss with you posture, ergonomics and strengthening and stretching exercises to give you a complete approach to your care.

Outside of work hours, Dee currently spends an inordinate amount of time gardening and renovating, and renovates herself by kayaking, bush walking, and practicing yoga.

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Amy Corcoran

B.App.Sc.(Clin.Sc.), B.Ost.Sc.

Amy joined Jennifer Paull and Associates after graduating from RMIT university in 2001 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science) and a Bachelor of Osteopathic Science.

Amy is an experienced and caring practitioner who is passionate about osteopathy and helping patients achieve their individual health goals. She has a special interest in women’s health, pregnancy care and treating patients with chronic pain.

In 2010 Amy joined Professor Thierry Vaincaillie and the multidisciplinary team at the Women’s Health and Research Institute of Australia (WHRIA). She provides osteopathic treatment for patients with pelvic pain and pudendal neuralgia.

With a commitment to ongoing professional development, including the latest evidence based pain management strategies, Amy will help you understand how and why you have pain. Her holistic approach addresses musculoskeletal patterns and tailors postural, ergonomic and exercise advice to suit your needs.

Amy is registered with AHPRA and has been an active member of Osteopathy Australia spending several years as part of the NSW state council and the National CPD committee.

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Ainslie Windle

B.App.Sc.(Ost.), M.Ost.

Ainslie has been working as an osteopath since completing her Masters degree in 2002. She has a great love and respect for the complexity of the human body and treats all manner of musculoskeletal pain, injury and dysfunction in both men and women, the young and the old.

Ainslie uses a wide variety of techniques including but not limited to:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Gentle joint manipulation
  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Dry Needling
  • Exercise and Stretching Prescription
  • Kinesio taping

Ainslie is able to help diagnose and resolve the symptoms of Benign Position Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV).

She is a member of Osteopathy Australia.

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Kylie Strain

BAppSc(Osteo), MOst, Grad Cert Infant Manual Therapy, PhD Candidate

Kylie is an experienced Osteopath who uses a variety of Osteopathic treatment modes, including soft tissue release, joint mobilisation, Biodynamics and Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (OCF).

Since graduating in 2002 Kylie has worked in the Northern Suburbs forming strong relationships with many other professionals in the area to achieve the best results for her patients. In 2012, Kylie completed a Graduate Certificate in Infant Manual Therapy at Victoria University.

Treating and supporting women through pregnancy and childbirth is a special interest for Kylie, and she periodically runs workshops for pregnant women to prepare for natural childbirth. Kylie has also attended several births to assist her patients as they labour.

Kylie has significant experience treating babies with a wide variety of problems from trouble settling, feeding issues, head shaping problems, colic and reflux. Kylie also treats children of all ages and conditions including glue ear, tonsilitis, and headaches and completed her Masters research on asthma in children and more recently began a PhD researching Primitive reflexes and learning difficulties in Preschool Children.

Kylie is also sought after for her effective treatment of a whole range of issues common to adults. Her treatment style is sensitive and supportive, and her deeply effective therapy is appreciated by people in all ages and stages of life.

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Connie Neighbour

Massage Therapist
Diploma Remedial Massage, Certificate IV Swedish Massage

Connie uses a variety of techniques to get results, including Swedish, remedial, deep tissue, myofascial cupping and stretching.

Connie has always enjoyed working closely with people to make the world a happier place. After working in film and hospitality for some years, she decided to follow her passion into remedial massage.

Working with a wide variety of clients, Connie regularly treats pathologies such as chronic pain and tension, stress, anxiety, joint pain and muscle pain. She enjoys the challenge of treating each client according to their individual needs, and puts a high value on listening to the client in order to achieve their desired outcomes.

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Laura Rankine

Chinese Herbal Medicine
B.Hlth.Sc. TCM

Laura graduated in 2010 from a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Technology in Sydney, completing her studies with a two-month internship at the Japan-China Friendship Hospital in Beijing.

She practices Japanese Meridian style acupuncture and moxibustion and has extensive training in Qigong, incorporating this ancient healing energy therapy in all of her treatments. She is also a qualified Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner and prescribes formulas for her patients, as required, to support the ongoing healing process.

Laura works intuitively and gently to discern the needs of her patients in a compassionate and empathic way. She is dedicated to creating a caring, healing space to help her patients experience safety and serenity during treatments.

Her passion is to approach her patients’ disharmonies from a deeply personal and holistic perspective, encompassing emotional, spiritual and physical levels. Her healing philosophy is that these three components are fundamental to ensuring one’s overall balance and well being.

Laura has extensive experience in the area of women’s health and fertility. In 2013 she worked at the Acupuncture IVF Support Clinic in Sydney CBD.

Her areas of focus include:

  • Acupuncture during Pregnancy
  • Fertility
  • Anxiety, depression and stress
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Respiratory allergies such as sinusitis, hay fever etc..

Committed to furthering her knowledge in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Laura regularly attends a wide range of workshops and seminars to increase and expand her proficiency in these modalities. Her professional development courses include; Acupuncture during Pregnancy with Debra Betts, Wisdom of the Classics with Mazakazu Ikeda Sensei, Master course in Japanese Moxibustion techniques, Professor Huang’s Classical Formulas and The Treatment of Infertility with Jane Lyttleton.

She is an accredited member of AACMA (Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association) and is a registered member of APRHA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).

In accordance with the registration standards of the CMBA (Chinese Medicine Board of Australia), all registered Chinese Medicine practitioners are obliged to meet standards of safety and efficacy.

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Catherine D'arcy

B.App.Sc.(Ost.), M.Ost.

Catherine has worked as an osteopath at Osteo and Health Inner West since late 2009.

Catherine treats a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal problems including jaw pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, low back and pelvic pain. She uses a variety of manual osteopathic techniques including massage, articulation, myofascial techniques and dry needling. She will often incorporate advice on posture, exercises and ergonomics for her patient.

Catherine works with all age groups from toddlers to centurions! As well as working at Osteo & Health she is also working at an aged care facility helping to reduce pain and restore function and quality of life for those in their twilight years. Catherine provides the aged care industry with education to staff on safe manual handling techniques and oedema management.

Catherine is passionate about travel. She enjoys experiencing the unique cultures and attractions of the world. She is particularly fond of exploring their culinary delights from Michelin star restaurants in New York to the food carts in Guatemala.

Catherine believes in a holistic approach to health for both herself and her patients. She frequently attends yoga and Pilates, which she finds a great benefit to her physical and mental wellbeing.

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Darren Luong

B.H.Sc., B.App.Sc. (Osteo) ASCA Level 1 (Strength & Conditioning)

Darren joins Osteo & Health Inner West after working as an Osteopath in Melbourne for a number of years. He is an experienced osteopath who enjoys treating an array of physical conditions, with a keen interest in treating sporting injuries as well as neck, back and shoulder pain. He utilises a mixture of soft tissue release, joint manipulation, articulation, taping and myofascial techniques to help maximise recovery. Darren also works as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, training and rehabilitating multiple athletes across many sports (Swimming, Football, AFL & Weightlifting) at State, National and Olympic level.

The highlight of these experiences being having the opportunity to work with a group of young Victorian swimmers at Nunawading Swim Club and the Victorian Institute of Sport. The satisfaction of mentoring these swimmers at a State and National level has allowed him to tailor treatment to each individual. Watching and facilitating their growth in their athleticism and character has taught him to recognise how to manage each person in their personalised yet simple and effective way.

Outside of the treatment room, you can find him bouldering, weightlifting and on a constant search for a cup of coffee on par to Melbourne’s pretentious standards.

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Elissa Smith

B.Clin.Sci., M.Health Sc.(Ost.)

Elissa completed her Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy at Victoria University, Melbourne.

While at university, she received a scholarship to undertake further study in London at the British School of Osteopathy.

Elissa also completed an internship with the Victoria University Inter-professional Education program and worked together with a range of other health practitioners. This has strengthened her belief in a multi-disciplinary approach to many conditions. Since then she has been actively continuing her professional development and has undertaken courses in dry needling, kinesiology taping, cupping, Cranial Osteopathy (SCTF) and Visceral Osteopathy (Barral VM1).

Elissa has also worked with professional athletes and as a trainer for several regional Australian Rules football teams. Her treatment interests include sports injuries, posture and the interaction between the mind and body. She uses a range of treatment styles tailored to suit each person and their condition. Elissa is passionate about holistic health and believes nutrition, physical activity, exercise prescription and education are important for recovery and prevention of injury.

Elissa is currently on maternity leave – returning mid 2020.

Jennifer Paull

D.O., B.Ec., B.Math., Dip.Ed.

Jennifer experienced a long period of debilitating pain following a major car accident in 1975. Eventually osteopathy was the treatment that transformed her life. This has been foundational in her approach to both acute and chronic pain, and life as an osteopath. Emerging research has now reinforced her experience that ‘hands on’ therapy combined with postural advice, exercise therapy and a better understanding of their condition very often helps people with major pain reduction and leads to great improvement in their quality of life.

Jennifer’s experiences led her to change careers from Maths teacher to osteopath, graduating from the International Colleges of Osteopathy (Sydney) in 1989. She has practised in the Drummoyne and Five Dock areas since then setting up her own clinic as well as working with a variety of health practitioners.

Over these years Jenni has pursued regular post graduate studies, including overseas conferences and courses in various Osteopathic approaches. She also went on to lecture in the Osteopathic programme at UWS. She has developed extensive diagnostic skills and with a wide range of techniques is able to select the most appropriate for the particular person. She is experienced in a wide variety of presentations.

Jennifer is a member of Osteopathy Australia, our professional body, and has held a variety of positions administering osteopathic registration and regulation, in both State and National regulatory frameworks for the profession. She is asked to provide expert opinions in (osteopathic) legal matters.

Jennifer has combined her passions for health care and education in a variety of ways:

  • lecturing
  • developing the Continuing Professional Development programme, now mandatory in the profession
  • mentoring many associates
  • involvement with the accreditation of university courses in osteopathy in both Australia and New Zealand, including as (past) Accreditation Chair of the government appointed regulatory body.

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